Thursday, July 26, 2007

Raanana Walking Chug


Raanana Walking Chug

(time to be announced)

Athletic track at the Sharon School

off pardes meshutaf opposite the entrance to makom balev

לרשימת תפוצת הדואר של חוג ההליכה

Kfar Saba Walking Chug

כפר סבא

Kfar Saba Walking Chug

(time to be announced)

32 sheshet yamim street outdoor track at

the Alon school.

לרשימת תפוצת הדואר של חוג ההליכה

פדומטר - מד צעדים


מד צעדים


Walking Style II - 180 shekels

- מד צעדים

- includes calibration and personal instruction
on use -

Also inlcudes the Free Walking

Club with gait instruction
by Dr. Perach.

The easiest exercise and form of enjoyment is walking. In order to work
this into your life, OMRON has developed the Step Counter. Put in your
personal data and start walking. You can see how many steps you have taken
and how many miles/kilometers you have walked. Monitoring your personal
exercise will surely result in a satisfactory feeling of well-being.

פדומטר - מד צעדים

Maybe you want to lose a few pounds or protect your heart from disease
or keep your bones strong and your joints limber. Walking can do all this
and more.

Whether you're just starting a walking program or you're already a regular
walker, your health likely played a role in your decision to get fit. Maybe
you want to lose a few pounds or protect your heart from disease or keep
your bones strong and your joints limber. Walking can do all this and more.

But when we talk about walking for
health, we must look beyond the physical benefits. After all, health
is a rich fabric spun from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual
threads. If one of these threads becomes frayed for any reason, it can
weaken the entire fabric. What you eat, how much you sleep, how you handle
your personal and professional relationships, how you view the world
and your place in it -- all of these things influence whether or not
you feel vital and strong. They also have a real impact on your body.
The same can be said of walking. It supports health in every sense --
physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It enriches and balances
your life. And it just plain makes you feel good. No wonder the Greek
physician Hippocrates deemed walking to be "man's best medicine."

To get a complete picture of how walking supports good health, you must
start at the cellular level. A daily walk keeps certain cells -- your immune
cells -- tuned up for action, ready to whip viruses and battle bacteria.
In fact, some experts believe that walking may be one of your best weapons
for fighting off infection and disease and getting on the road to recovery

Strong statement? Maybe. But a number of studies have shown that a moderate
walk not only relieves the stress that may trigger or aggravate an illness
but also stimulates your immune system, your body's main defense against
disease. In one such study, a 45 minute walk (about 3 miles) increased
the activity of certain immune cells by about 57 percent. The cells' activity
level returned to normal about 3 hours after the walk.

Now researchers don't know for sure whether walking can make you heal faster,
but some studies suggest that people who walk consistently develop fewer
illnesses than people who are sedentary. The fact that walking is a moderate
activity may be key to its immune-enhancing effects. Indeed, other studies
show that long bouts of intense exercise -- like an hour of pavement pounding,
heavy -breathing running -- can actually suppress your immune system and
make you more susceptible to infection.

This brings up a question that I often hear from fellow walkers: When you're
under the weather, should you continue your walking program or take off
a few days until you feel better? One expert recommends this rule of thumb:
If you have a headache or runny nose, or if you're sneezing, you're okay
to walk as long as your temperature is normal. In cases of fever, sore
throat, or coughing, you should rest until your symptoms subside.

Even if you feel well enough to continue walking, skip the marathons, races,
and fun walks for the time being -- unless you have your doctor's okay
to participate.

  • To track your personal walking activities Omron Healthcare
    Europe B.V. is launching the second model of the new generation of step
    counters, the Walking style II.
    It counts your steps during walking and brisk walking.
    The device can be used inside the pocket of your trousers, in your handbag
    or on a lanyard.
    The Walking style II also counts the burned calories and the distance
    you have walked.
    It has a modern, compact design that fits to the lifestyle of the modern

  • Fits and work in your pocket

  • Calorie counter

  • Aerobic mode to motivate extra exercise

  • 7-day (weekly) memory

  • 24 hour clock

  • Clip-on strap included

Principles of Healthy Gait

Principles of Healthy Gait

are the "top 10" principles for healthy human gait...

1. Mood - Face it, if you don't have the will,
will you even go out for a walk? On the other hand... walking is a sure way to improve your mood! A catch 22 ?

2. Stride - you should "fall" into
your steps. Avoid taking big forward steps!

3. Hip alignement - avoid sway back or bending forward.

4. Head & Shoulder alignment - first hip alignment,
abdomen tucked in, then shoulder/head alignment.

5. Foot motion - a proper gait should be a
silent gait, eg. no foot slapping/dragging.

6. Hip Motion - first achieve adequate forward translation
of hip before heel strike.

7. Arm motion - in sagital, not front plane, 45-90 elbow
angle, from hips to sternum.

8. Feet direction/symmetry - straight is preferable
with occasional individual anatomical variation.

9. Ankle alignment - actively holding ankle mortice
in neutral position, avoids hyperpronation.

10. Equipment - flexible, supportive footware. Hat. Water & LOW

Walking Chugim Clubs

Walking Chugim Clubs

If you would like to join a regular, organized walking chug/club...

The walking chugim clubs
are now forming in Israel, meeting at a local track twice/week. Each
club will have an instructor/club manager who guide you, teach you healthy
gait and the simple full-body exercises, helping you to improve to avoid
or alleviate unnessary joint or back pains.

The Kfar Saba Club , meets every
Monday 8:00 - 9:00 pm at the Alon School outdoor track,
rain or shine. 34 Sheshet Haymim Street.

The Raanana Club, meets every Wed 8:00 - 9:00 at the Sharon school athletic
track, near the old cemetery off rechov pardes hameshutaf.

There is NO FEE for these

sponsored by the Iria, and Dr. Perach

Walking is the #1 safe and effective exercise for weight loss. Walking
helps build strong bones, alleviates back pains, and improves the posture...
if done correctly.

Call 054-4850158 for more information, or send an email to...

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Contact Us

No, you won't find
us in there...
Feel free to call...

0 5 4 - 4 8 5 0 1 5 8
Dr. Perach will talk with you... english or Hebrew,
and discuss your health history and your walking and exercise options.

You are welcome to meet Dr. Perach in person at the Free walking
he teaches in Kfar Saba and Raanana.

The Walking Diet

The Walking Diet
- Israel

This program should be called ... "the walking lifestyle
for health and fitness..." It is based on the common-sense program
of eating a healthy diet and keeping your body moving.

Unfortunately, too many of us are overweight & sedentary in our

The walking diet is a 3 month program consisting of...

  • Twice/weekly walking chugim.

  • Individual support by walking chug leader.

  • Individual monthly sessions with group leader.

This program is designed to meet your individual needs at a reasonable cost.

The goal is to incorporate walking and simple exercises into your daily routine... a simple and easy routine which can be practiced daily, leading to an active and healthy lifestyle, and weight loss.

This program does not address diet specifically, except for recommending the diet directives approach to shrinking your stomach, eating slowly and chewing your food more. We do recommned concurrently attending a nutriional counseling support group.

Call for more details...