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February 9, 2006 Hey, its been awhile since I've posted here... The
lectures at Derech HaMelech/Meir hospital have gone well... we have more
walking club members as well. The new Kfar Saba pictures have been uploaded
as well.

I am carrying/selling the walking style II omron pedometer... I have
white/red/or blue... 180 shekels.

June 14, 2005 I gave a talk today to the dieticians with the "derech haemelech" program
at Meir Hospital in Kfar Saba. We discussed all aspects of walking, and
the walking club program. Thank you Miri, Vered and David. You can reach
them at 09-747-2367.

June 6, 2005 I gave up the TV a few years ago, albeit I do use the computer thingee a bit. Unplug... throw it out.

11-4-05 I feel so fortunate that I've never been on the diet rollercoaster. I recently came across some sensible advice from

I received this email recently after recommending this site to others...

Dan, I have a zillion dieting experiences like you would not believe but when I read the site you sent to me it made so much sense...everything with diets is so "forbidden" or "over allowed"..nothing down the middle including excercise and this program is exactly that from what they say. I know there are no magical pills and no magical to listen to our bodies and being moderate both in food and excercise just sounds so right...diets are the biggest money-makers in the world rolling in the dough off the "dough" of chubbies really has to be a very simple answer if we only stop looking for miracles.. Anonymous

3-4-05 Bad news... My cholesterol is up from 220 last year to now 230, and my triglycerides were also up. So... I suppose I need to be cut out some things in my diet. OK.

Other news... The walking club is off to a start. We are meeting Mon & Wed eves 7-8 pm. See you there.

2-1-05 A new
year... wishing you all a good one....

At there is a wealth
of info on many topics, including walking. Here is a link to a
cool calorie calculator...

I am starting to work on "the walking diet"...

a major component is adhering to a sensible intake of calories. I
personally do NOT count calories, never have, and I hopefully never will. I
know that massive amounts of butter spread on toast is self-sabatogue.
Probably, I would "forget" to count those calories anyway. So
why do I share this calorie counter with you then? Maybe
some DO need to count to help themselves stick to a sensible daily intake
of calories in their quest for health and LBM - a lean body.

I'm looking forward to getting the walking diet pages up soon, and the
inauguration of the Kfar Saba walking club, which will be held at the
Alon walking track on Sheshet Yamim St. Most likely the hours will
be Mon & Wed 7:00 - 8:00 pm and Friday 7:00 - 8:00 am.

manual pedomet

14-12-04 I used to wear a sportline pedometer for awhile, but it
fell and broke :( I glued it together and still wear it occasionally. For
awhile I was practicing counting-walking-meditation via the use of an
inexpensive manual tally counter... shown here :)

I really enjoyed using it, and have recently gone back to it, attached
to my keyring. Yes, I sometimes forget to count my steps when I'm
talking on the phone, or listening to a nice song on the radio, but compared
to my electronic pedometer... I prefer it.

Why? I suppose I like the way it keeps me mindful of my posture, my
gait, my breathing. It helps me to focus on these important
aspects of walking more so than the automated step counting of the electronic

Today I read at that
6,000 steps/day should be your absolute minimal goal for general health. I've
been saying 5,000 for awhile... so I suppose I'll adjust my recomendation. 10,000
steps/day is still the "gold standard" for weight management
though; in fact in Japan, the orinigators of this counting culture, they
call them 10,000 step counters.

manpo keiBuy
at Amazon

30-11-04 I've come across a link to a PT name Sherry in California
who wrote the book on walking correctly, in 1998! I've already learned
something from her writings, and I'm very happy to share with you her
info. I haven't read the book yet, but will asap. Here
is her site.

5/11/2004 - I'm very excited about finally getting this
website off the ground, and especially the recent videos we've uploaded
to the movies section. Special thanks to the children/teenagers
who have participated in these videos.

I'ts great to help young people to correct their posture/gait
at an early age. This will certainly help them to avoid degenerative joint
disease, poor posture, and various painful joint/back pains. Decades of improper
posture/gait becomes irreversible, so it is great to see the interest
and enthusiasm of our youth in this project.

We are happy to bring this program of healthy posture & walking
to your school program. Contact
directly at ... 054-4850158

Also, I am currently offering free walking
at Canion Arim, Kfar Saba, many aternoons of the week. Give
me a call on my cell... 054-4850158 to check when I'll be there. Come
and get a free evaluation, and appear on our next walking movie perhaps

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