Thursday, July 26, 2007

Principles of Healthy Gait

Principles of Healthy Gait

are the "top 10" principles for healthy human gait...

1. Mood - Face it, if you don't have the will,
will you even go out for a walk? On the other hand... walking is a sure way to improve your mood! A catch 22 ?

2. Stride - you should "fall" into
your steps. Avoid taking big forward steps!

3. Hip alignement - avoid sway back or bending forward.

4. Head & Shoulder alignment - first hip alignment,
abdomen tucked in, then shoulder/head alignment.

5. Foot motion - a proper gait should be a
silent gait, eg. no foot slapping/dragging.

6. Hip Motion - first achieve adequate forward translation
of hip before heel strike.

7. Arm motion - in sagital, not front plane, 45-90 elbow
angle, from hips to sternum.

8. Feet direction/symmetry - straight is preferable
with occasional individual anatomical variation.

9. Ankle alignment - actively holding ankle mortice
in neutral position, avoids hyperpronation.

10. Equipment - flexible, supportive footware. Hat. Water & LOW

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