Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Walking Diet

The Walking Diet
- Israel

This program should be called ... "the walking lifestyle
for health and fitness..." It is based on the common-sense program
of eating a healthy diet and keeping your body moving.

Unfortunately, too many of us are overweight & sedentary in our

The walking diet is a 3 month program consisting of...

  • Twice/weekly walking chugim.

  • Individual support by walking chug leader.

  • Individual monthly sessions with group leader.

This program is designed to meet your individual needs at a reasonable cost.

The goal is to incorporate walking and simple exercises into your daily routine... a simple and easy routine which can be practiced daily, leading to an active and healthy lifestyle, and weight loss.

This program does not address diet specifically, except for recommending the diet directives approach to shrinking your stomach, eating slowly and chewing your food more. We do recommned concurrently attending a nutriional counseling support group.

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